Going Straight to the Natural Sources of Nitric Oxide Foods

Nitric Oxide FoodsOne of the best alternatives that you can get in regulating your blood pressure and enhancing your muscle building abilities is to eat nitric oxide foods sources. This means consuming food products that are rich in L-Arginine – an essential amino acid that helps produce nitric oxide in cells. Though, the existence of other macronutrients like Vitamins B, C, and E is essential in order to fully accomplish the production of nitric oxide. In a way, ensuring that your food choices contain such vitamins contribute to overall wellness. Check out the following list of natural nitric oxide foods:

1.   Chili peppers – red chili peppers are considered as the most ideal variety. The spicy element in chili peppers known as capsaicin contributes to increased blood flow. In fact, recent studies have identified these group of spices as potent vasodilator that are valuable in reducing hypertension. Plus, the spicy flavor enhances one’s appetite.

2.   Nuts – are fully packed with both protein and L-arginine. Use walnuts for salads or snacks. Nuts are also rich in Vitamin E so spread some chopped nuts on your cereals for a healthy breakfast.

3.   Spinach – Popeye’s favorite supplement for bulging biceps. After all, these nitrate rich vegetables can be made into tasty and healthy soup recipes. Get the most out a healthy and flavorful side dish with the use of a stir-fry recipe with olive oil and garlic.

4.   Lean cuts of red meat – beef is a popular example of red meat that is rich in Vitamin B, which also helps produce of nitric oxide. Choose lean cuts to minimize saturated fat in your diet. Good serving of beef tacos with lettuce is as good as a complete meal.

5.   Brocoli – this is one full packed veggie that gives out nutrients regardless if its steamed or stir-fried, the substantial amount of nitrates as well as Vitamin C makes one heck of a nutritious dish. Voted as one of the most nutritious vegetable known to man.

Nitric Oxide FoodsBy observing the list, you may notice that these nitric oxide foods sources are quite easy to find. You may not even realize that they are part of your daily diet. Eating natural food sources are better than popping up supplements that are artificially processed. Nothing is still as good as real food that nourishes the body. Plus, you can be ensured that the essential vitamins and minerals that can help you ward off diseases are present and complete in natural food products.


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